We offer a professional dog grooming service - we wash, clip and groom your dog in a warm hydrobath, blow dry and deodorant to finish

Commencing June 2024 K9 Dog Grooming offers the following services to our clients from our Cranbourne premises only.  With years of experience providing a mobile dog grooming service and dog walking service in Melbourne, you can count on Paul and the team at K9 Dog Grooming to deliver a professional dog grooming service for residents in Melbourne's East.

Because we are experienced and have been delivering mobile dog grooming services for years - we are also confident and capable to professionally handle your dog through the grooming process - so they enjoy it and are handled with care throughout the wash and groom process.

  • A warm hand wash in a hydro bath using good quality shampoo specific to your dog’s skin and coat type
  • Thoroughly dried with a high velocity dryer
  • Coat is clipped according to your chosen style for full groom
  • Groin & under tail tidied to maintain hygiene
  • Pads shaved out
  • Nails clipped and ears cleaned
  • Any additional requirements can be discussed

Dog clipping styles: three different styles available

Dog Clipping Styles - There are three full clipping styles available.

The Smoothie Clip

This is our easy care clip. Your pet will be clipped the same length all over. The coat length can range from super short to 20 mm. This can include a stylised head / tail to capture his character.

Smoothie Dog Clip Example

Stylised Pet Clip

This is the most popular choice, the result being an easy-to-care-for clipped body, with stylised /scissored legs, head and tail that will capture the character of your pet. Even with our pet trims we aim for breed standard, ie Westies have a practical style but still look like the breed.

Stylised dog clip example

Breed Specific / Unusual Clip

We can groom to breed standards using a variety of grooming techniques. It is recommended that these pets attend grooming on a regular basis (approx. every 4 weeks) alternating with a bath & tidy groom.

Wash & Polish

Dog is warm hand washed in a hydro bath using good quality shampoo specifically for your dog’s skin and coat type. The dog is then thoroughly dried with a high velocity dryer, nails are clipped and ears cleaned.

 Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Mobile Dog Grooming

Shed-less Program

This is additional to the Wash & Polish. This carding technique is especially good for short coated breeds such as Jack Russells and Beagles which continuously lose hair. This program can reduce shedding by 60-80% for about 4-6 weeks. If done monthly, improved results are shown after a couple of treatments.

Trim Only

Great for getting puppies used to grooming or between full grooms. Trimming of face, feet and hygiene area only. Full body trims need a bath.

Bath & Hygiene Clip

Bath, brush & tidying of face, pads and hygiene areas shaved only, nails cut and ears cleaned.

Bath & Tidy

Bathed, pads & hygiene areas shaved, feathers & legs trimmed, nails clipped, and ears cleaned.

Bath & Strip Undercoat

Groom and bathed as above but includes complete brush out and removal of all loose undercoat. Specifically for long haired, double coated breeds such as Pomeranians, Shelties etc.

Full Bath, Strip & Tidy

For long haired double coated breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Collies, Cavaliers, etc. Combines the two grooms above. Please note prices start at $70.00 and will vary according to how much time is required and the condition of the dog’s coat. Please call to discuss and we'll provide you with an approximate cost.

Bath, Strip and Tidy